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Anything, Anytime, Anywhere Fashion


Image by SarahWynne via Flickr

Let me paint you a picture. Your sitting in a lecture hall with over 100 people you don’t know. The girl in front of you has dreadlocks in her hair and a suede jacket. The girl behind you has torn jeans and a lip ring. The guy to your left has doc martins on with a knitted cardigan. Maybe you, in whatever different outfit you’re wearing to these people, can’t figure out why they dress that way. But say you find their style intriguing, you like it or you just ‘get it’. Then I’m sure you can log onto their blog and appreciate what they wear with their millions of other fans. And that’s the beauty of it.

The fashion world has gone viral, and it’s in the hands of your fellow students. Your fashion fixes no longer lie on the runways of high fashion designers, in the pages between Vogue or at the awards ceremony for celebrities. No matter the look, the person or the price, scroll through Lookbook or explore WordPress and you’ll find someone who caters to your fancy.  For all you know, a 15-year-old girl in Amsterdam, who regularly posts her outfits on Lookbook, has rocked your wardrobe to the core.

Lookbook, for those of you still depraved because you haven’t discovered this gem yet, is “fashion inspiration from real people around the world”. For me, it’s what-should-I-wear-tomorrow heaven. People from anywhere in anything can post a picture of themselves in any style you could possibly imagine. Without this site and all the outfit ideas that go running through my head in one scroll, I’d probably be turning up in a potato sack to college.

We now have countless ways to not only explore fashion blogs and outfits, but make our own. People have gone from zero to hero with one click of a button because fashionistas loved their outlook. Who’s to say you can’t be the next one? And so what if you think your style isn’t mainstream, if your eyeliner is too thick, your shoes too gothic or you jumpers too quirky. Post it, write about it, and you’ll find people who will adore you for it. Where there’s a fashion will, there is most certainly a way.

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