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Beware the Baby Oil

Massage in Frankfurt, Germany

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Body oil should come with a warning on the packaging, or at least a set of instructions.  It’s not me being daft here, its basic common sense. Body oil can go terribly wrong, or terrifically good. Before I start off, however, I want to make the assumption that both I and the readers are fully aware of what body oil can do behind closed doors –  so there will be no stating of the awkwardness here thank you very much.

Use it in a couple’s bath to soften both of your skin, but be careful of letting your man know. Baby oil in his bath might be the tip of an iceberg of bubbles, scented candles and Adele on the iPod. You want to keep a slight bit of his masculinity intact, so what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him – just soften his skin.

It can be a great way to suggest romantic cuddling or it can be an awful mood killer. Every lady wants her man to hold up a bottle, dim the lights, spark the candles and offer a sensual massage. No one wants the “What’s the story with me, you and a bottle of baby oil?” text. Another thing the lady wants is smooth strokes with the right amount. She doesn’t want to feel like a slip and slide for your hands. Baby oil is messy, so use it sparingly with small amounts in the palm of your hand to avoid staining the sheets.

But don’t go too far on the massage. It’s better to safe and dry than sorry and slippery. Oil breaks latex, so if you are having sex, and safely, do not involve the poor bottle of baby oil. It will render the condom useless and become a real mood killer nine months down the line.