Herbal remedies to get you through Christmas

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We all know Christmas is a time for giving. But this Christmas, take the time to give a little something back to your body also. Over the past year you’ve probably exposed it to a stream of medication, antibiotics, fast food, stress and anxiety.  We all know what a typical Christmas has in store for our bodies – more exposure to harsh chemicals (that fourth glass of wine), inhaling mountains of your mum’s food and listening to your relatives moan (migraine much?). So this year, bring things back to basics and give your body a break.

Eats of Eden on Thomas Street is a great place to start. If you find in the past years you’ve had to loosen your belt after Christmas dinner then come prepared this year. Dorothy Anslow, the shops advisor, has helpful hints on how to avoid that bloated belly feeling post dinner. Drink plenty of water, “and even though we love our coffee, its best to avoid caffeine if you don’t want to feel bloated.” So that’s breakfast sans coffee and dinner with water. Check. If you find that isn’t helping and you want to resort to something stronger, then she suggests trying ‘Optibac Probiotics’. These are natural supplements for those who suffer from poor digestion and want to enjoy their meal.

If you find that your skin suffers at Christmas time when it’s exposed to the Irish weather at its harshest, then turn toward Holland and Barrett. They stock natural Aloe Vera gel, so instead of using soaps and shower gels with the extracts of aloe Vera, go straight to the source. Rub this gel onto your hands, lips and face to keep them soft and supple throughout the holidays, even if you’ve to deal with dirty dish water whilst washing up. If you suffer from more than just dry skin, like eczema or psoriasis, then Dr China packs some great remedies. All are natural and you can consult with the staff to find which one suits your skin type best.

If you find it hard to sleep the nearer it gets to holidays, be that the stress of buying presents, the late night family gatherings or your dads bad karaoke – Lavender Oil may be your answer. Dorothy, from Eats of Eden, has a few tips on sleeping easier through using the oil. “You can burn it, sprinkle it on your pillow or place a few drops in your bath.”

The oil also has uses for tension headaches. You can massage the oil directly into your skin, around the forehead and temples, for quick relief. Another natural remedy for migraines is peppermint tea. You can buy these tea bags in a local supermarket, or from health shops like Holland and Barrett. Just brew some tea bags or fresh leaves if you really want to feel in tune with nature, and relax. Let you and your body enjoy this Christmas.

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