Are you going to the Botox party?


Image by AJC1 via Flickr

Hi come in, the party just started. Have a drink while you wait, the professional is preparing upstairs. Once you relax it’ll be over soon, it’s a simple injection of paralysing toxins into your forehead. It might pinch a bit. Yes you read correctly, and don’t be shocked just yet. For all you know your closet friend could greet you with the same insane reasoning in a matter of weeks.

Welcome to the Botox party ladies, the newest and in my opinion most bizarre fad that’s swept the world of beauty as of yet. More and more frequently women all over the country have been hosting these parties, a mixture of cute fruity drinks and toxic injections. Once considered a pastime of the rich and beautiful, no one but the celebrities dared to be so self-indulgent.  But of course once we saw an actual party on the reality TV show of guilty pleasures, TOWIE, then everyone had to have one.

However Botox certainly isn’t something to be played around with, and here comes the science bit to explain why. Botox is in essence a paralysis that originates from a germ called Clostridium Botulinum. This germ was found in badly prepared food, but now at the price of €400 and above, it can be found in your forehead too. If this drug is not refrigerated at the proper temperature, if mixed with alcohol, or if your head is not in an appropriate headrest – you’re in the hazard zone. All of the above cases will lead to bruising on your face, drooping eyelids, headaches and the drug not taking effect at all.

Fully licensed practitioners will not give the injection to anyone drinking alcohol or without signing a release form – if you can persuade them otherwise then they probably have a lot more uniforms than the doctor’s one. So take a friendly suggestion from me if you ever get such an invite, or find yourself in a situation as horrendous as this. Take one good hard look at the needles lying on the frilly pillow, chug that drink and run straight for the door.

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